Here at SURGE, we aim to make a difference in the State College community and beyond. Projects at SURGE allow students from a variety of majors to collaborate and gain real-world experience. Interns further develop the skills that they have learned in the classroom as well as explore facets of the business world that they may not otherwise have been exposed to. We will help determine a schedule that fits your availability and are always seeking interns. 

SURGE is all about turning innovation into action. Interns will work in teams, with one intern acting as the project lead. Unlike in other companies, you will steer these projects in directions that you see fit, from planning to execution. This requires you to perform extensive research, coordinate your efforts, take action and, most importantly, be creative!

Message from the CEO 

Thanks for taking the time to check out a possible internship with SURGE. We believe that the most important attribute employers look for in a potential employee is experience. Our goal at SURGE is to give Penn State students the opportunity to work alongside professionals and gain applicable experience by working on real, meaningful projects. SURGE specializes in corporate strategy, website development, logo design, social media, search engine optimization, marketing, sales, and sales support. Our clients range from small businesses and non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies, an array that will provide a rich variety of experience for an intern in any field of study. Depending on the project, you will be given an opportunity to grow and develop, thinking through problems and making strategic decisions while supported by talented professionals. At the end of your internship you will have built practical skills, developed confidence, and enhanced your resume. You might have even made some friends and connections along the way. This internship relies heavily on you—the intern—seizing the opportunity and being a creative self-motivated individual. Be prepared to be proactive. Thank you again for your interest. 

Kerry Small 

Founder, CEO 


How would you describe your time here at Surge?

“This is my very first internship and I came into this not really knowing what to expect BUT My time at surge this summer was pretty interesting. It gave me the main things I was looking for in an internship and one of those things I was looking for was real world experience. It also gave me the opportunity to grow as a person through the development of my 21st century skills..” —Carlos Jones.

“It was really a learning experience. Even though I’ve worked in countless number of teams within my major, SURGE puts you in a situation where you have learn how to collaborate and problem solve with your teammates in such a different way where it’s productive and supportive. It’s been a fun time interacting with other interns, and I feel like I made some worthwhile friends along the way despite the internship being virtual. l learned valuable skills which I will take with me as I continue on with my life after the internship.” —Julie Ho.

“My time at surge was that of a good team environment, good learning experience, good hands-on discussion and open floor opinion task. It was a great learning experience that I will take a lot of it into the real world.” —Dylan Harvey.

What is the one thing you have enjoyed most from this internship?

“One experience that I will relish moving forward past this internship is the team dynamic that came out from all of the ten weeks. I think the best telling sign that a business is functioning in a healthy is when a team can facilitate and work together without conflicting viewpoints, rather there is common ground that is found while incorporating leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. My previous leadership rules whether it be through general work or club/organization related activities or events, have taught me something in a similar manner, but I firmly believe that Surge amplifies these factors.” —Joseph Jabbour.

“Surge helps transition smoothly into the corporate world because you experience everything you should experience at a normal workplace setting and should hold on to the same expectations like coming in the office on time, following instructions, working in a team, being delegated work. The difference is you do all of that at a low stake, so you can make your first mistakes and learn from them without having consequential repercussions on the client or your professional or personal life.” —Ange Djonou.

“I have most enjoyed building relationships as professionals in the office and friends outside. Being in person for the internship makes a world of difference for relationship building, team cooperation, and energy. From day trips, to simple lunch outings, these trips with other interns has provided an environment outside of the workplace to better appreciate each other not only for what we can offer, but who we are as individuals. Getting to hear each other’s stories, struggles, and aspirations during these social activities adds a whole new dimension to one’s perception of another. Beyond the in-person interactions, the hybrid team building has still been fantastic for learning and relating to each other in a way that has overall increased appreciation for one another. Beyond enjoyment, this interaction and relationship building has illustrated to me just how important team dynamic is to the workplace.” —Nathan Carr.

What is one valuable skill you learned at Surge that will be useful in the job world?

“I learned how to be a leader in the workplace and how to provide professional communication to coworkers and clients.” —Nathan Eyster.

“I learned how to handle conflict in a constructive way.” —Kacey Lo.

“I learned how to effectively communicate with a client so that I can understand what they want done.” —Tom Miller.