Hi! I’m Kerry Small, founder of SURGE Business Development. Thanks for taking the time to check out a possible internship with SURGE. We believe that the most important attribute employers look for in a potential employee is experience. Our goal at SURGE is to give Penn State students the opportunity to work alongside professionals and gain applicable experience by working on real, meaningful projects. SURGE specializes in corporate strategy, website development, logo design, social media, search engine optimization, marketing, sales, and sales support. Our clients range from small businesses and non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies, an array that will provide a rich variety of experience for an intern in any field of study. Depending on the project, you will be given an opportunity to grow and develop, thinking through problems and making strategic decisions while supported by talented professionals. At the end of your internship you will have built practical skills, developed confidence, and enhanced your résumé. You might have even made some friends and connections along the way. This internship relies heavily on you—the intern—seizing the opportunity and being a creative self-motivated individual. Be prepared to be proactive. To express interest in an internship, see the contact page. Thank you again for your interest. –Kerry Small.

If you want a glimpse into what SURGE is from the view of an intern, check out this video!