Live It


Live It

Live It is a college and career readiness platform that focuses on the soft skills students learn and improve upon through their life experiences.  Our team has worked with Live It to enhance the platform through user experience testing, user interface design, and human centered design research.  We are interviewing people in the targeted demographic and learning more about their perspectives and experiences. Through these interviews, we have been able to determine the improvements that can be made to the platform to better satisfy users' needs.


Greenway Logistics

For this project, our team is working with Greenway Logistics to examine the existing website and professionalize it. We combine input given from the Greenway Logistics team with ideas from our own team to determine the best way to implement changes to the website. We have revamped the logo and added brand new features in order to create a strong vision of Greenway Logistics’ mission, goals, and future aspirations.


Schooner Executive Search

Schooner Executive Search is a boutique executive search that specializes in the commercial construction industry. The construction industry is unique and in many ways, complex. Schooner makes it their job to know everything about the industry and are here to partner with you and offer growth solutions that will take your company to the next level. Here, at Surge our interns assist the company by developing SEO strategies, social media marketing campaigns and perform recruitment searches. Together we strive to develop Schooner Executive Search into a go-to recruitment agency.


Eagle Creek Lodge

Eagle Creek Lodge is a dream getaway spot located in Port Matilda only 12 miles from State College. The perfect place to spend football weekend for visiting Nittany Lion fans! Our team of interns is working on revamping the Eagle Creek website giving it a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The team is also working on business development strategies, marketing plans, and search engine optimization for the establishment. By doing so, Surge and Eagle Creek hope to bring popularity to the destination.


Athletes for Global Goals

Athletes for Global Goals is a non-profit based in State College, working to engage the local community with larger, more global issues. Athletes for Global Goals is currently organizing an 11 v. 100 event, an event in which 100 local soccer club kids play a halftime soccer game against 11 Penn State soccer players. Before the event, local youth will have the opportunity to research, select, and market an organization which they want to support. This event hopes to raise funds and awareness for a specific cause, as well as to unite the community behind the power of youth innovation. All of our interns at SURGE have worked with Athletes for Global Goals to help organize a successful first event. In addition, SURGE has helped Athletes for Global Goals refine its' central message to make it more succinct and meaningful.


Council of Commonwealth Student Government

CCSG is a student run government that represents the concerns and interests of students attending the Commonwealth Campuses/Colleges in manners of a university-wide nature and provides a forum for the exchange and development of ideas. Our team of interns at Surge is working on perfecting the CCSG website user experience. The members of CCSG do so much for the school and the community around it. We want to make their experience as smooth as possible!


Happy Valley Flowers

Happy Valley Flowers is a non-profit student-run organization, with a goal of connecting Penn State students with locals to help beautify the Penn State golf course trail in Happy Valley. This organization allows any individual or organized group to visit flower boxes they have set up at both ends of the trail and plant the bulbs somewhere along the trail. Our team of interns have created a detailed and easy to use website for the Happy Valley Flower organization to show people who are looking to get involved how it works and some basic tips on how and when to plant flower bulbs.


Fence King by Vinyl King

Fence King by Vinyl King is a fencing and decking company located in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania that provides custom installations for their clients. Our involvement with Fence King by Vinyl King includes Search Engine Optimization in order to improve the visibility of their website in a search engine’s unpaid results with the hopes of providing more customers to their business. Improvements have been made to their website to help with this as well. Our team has been monitoring the success of our efforts and making modifications accordingly.


Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

The College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State is a comprehensive arts community including academic programs in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, art history, architecture and landscape architecture along with the Palmer Museum of Art and Center for the Performing Arts. For this project our interns are working to promote their career symposium that is set in March using unique strategies in order to get as many students to attend. The interns will use a variety of techniques to properly and efficiently market their event.